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1.2 GHz RFoG Node FTTx Solution

ACT 1.2 GHz RON1510D series RFoG (RF over Glass) ONU is a cost-effective and superior performance optical network unit, which is designed and optimized to work in a DOCSIS standards-compliant, OBI free RFoG Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) architecture. RON1510D provides excellent forward and reverse path performance combined with high reliability and a user-friendly layout. It is designed with 1550 nm forward-path RF signals, and 16 return-path upstream signals at 1450, 1470, 1590, 1610nm region. Each unit can be adjusted with 4 output optical wavelengths (0.5nm stepping) at these four regions electronically. The RON1510D optical node is part of ACT overall FTTx solution suite. RON1510 features an optical AGC function in the forward path to ensure the same RF output level in every home. The return transmitter has burst mode (turns on the laser by return signal) to greatly reduce return fibers. It incorporates a low noise optical receiver and an isolated DFB optical laser to modulate the return-path signal from any set-top box (STB) or DOCSIS modem onto the fiber.

·     Operating frequency: 5 to 85/110 - 1218MHz; support smoothly update on the spot (5 to 204/258 - 1218MHz)

·     Support optical AGC downstream, whose control range is 0 to -5/-6/-7/-8dBm adjustable

·     Adopt electric adjusting mode for both EQ and ATT circuit, using LED displaying screen to modify directly

·     Output wavelength of the return path is adjustable, 4 wavelengths settable with 0.5nm stepping

·     RFoG can be set as burst mode or continuous mode

·     Support DOCSIS 3.1 system and OBI Free

Forward Path


Technical Parameter

Optical Receiving Power

-8 dBm to 0 dBm

Optical AGC Control Range

-5/-6/-7/-8 dBm to 0 dBm (default as -6 dBm to 0 dBm)

Optical Return Loss

>45 dB

Optical Receiving Wavelength

1540 nm to 1560 nm

Optical Connector


Optical Fiber Type

Single mode

Frequency Range

110 MHz to 1218 MHz

Flatness in Band

110 - 862 MHz(+/-) 1 dB ; 862 - 1218 MHz(+/-) 1,5 dB

Rated Output Level

≥ 108 dBμV (-6 dBm to 0 dBm)

Maximum Output Level

≥ 110 dBμV @AGC= -5 dBm to 0 dBm

Output Return Loss

>16 dB, -1.5 dB/oct

Attenuator Range

0 dB to 18 dB

Equalizer Range

0 dB to 15 dB

Equivalent Noise Current 

<6 pA/rt(Hz)

Photo-diode Sensitivity



≥ 44 dB (@Pin=-5 dBm)

CENELEC 42 kanal, EQ=6dB, Output level=108dBμV

@860MHz, OMI=3.5%


≥ 60 dB (@Pin=0 dBm)


≥ 60 dB (@Pin=0 dBm)


≥40 dB @Pin=-5 dBm to 0 dBm

* FN RF Output Level : 108 dBuV/ch

* EQ: 8 db. 100dBuV at 254 MHz and 108dBuV at 1218MHz * Full Digital Load 254-1218 MHz QAM256


-10-9 post-FEC@Pin=-5 dBm to 0 dBm

Return Path


Technical Parameter

Optical Transmitting


1450-1470-1590-1610 nm, Each of the above-mentioned wavelengths have four sub-wavelengths

Upstream Transmitter

DFB laser with Burst mode.

Output Optical Power

3±1 dBm

Optical Connector


Frequency Range

5 MHz to 85 MHz

Flatness in Band

±0.75 dB

Output Impedance

75 Ω

Return Loss

>16 dB

Laser Turn On Level

68±1 dBμV

Laser Turn Off Level

58±1 dBμV

Attenuator Range

0 dB to 18 dB

Adjustable Wavelength Number


Wavelength Adjusting Stepping

0.5 nm

General Character


Technical Parameter

Power Voltage

AC (150 to 265) V

Protection Class


RF Return Loss

EN 50083/3 Chart 1 Class B

Rf Connector


Test Points Flatness

±1.5 dB

Optical Connectors


Surge Protection RF Ports

>4kV (EN61000-4-5, 1,2/50 µs pulse)

Operating Temperature

-20 °C to 55°C

Storage Temperature

-40 °C to 65°C

Relative Humidity

Maximum 95% (no-condensing)

Power Consumption


Block Diagram



Dimension (mm)

Series Recommendation
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