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RON1526 2.6G Node

ACT 2.6GHz RON1526 series RFoG (RF over Glass) ONU is a cost effective, superior performance optical network unit, which is designed and optimized to work in a standards-compliant RFoG Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) architecture network. The wide RF spectrum supports both CATV spectrum and Satellite IF spectrum up to 2.6GHz.

•    2.6GHz RF Spectrum

•    Small form factor and low power consumption

•    SCTE174 2010 standards compliant

•    High performance and Cost Effective RFoG ONU solution for FTTX Network

•    Optical automatic gain control (AGC)

•    Active Carrier Suppression (ACS) to allow up to 32 units to function within a PON HFC network compatible with DOCSIS 1, 2 or 3 standards

•    In-built return path transmitter suits set-top box systems where pay-per-view and other various return path information sent via RF

•    Powered directly using the power adaptor or via the F-type connectors

•    75.5MHz FSK modulation remote control CATV\SAT-IF\Return

•    The compact and sturdy enclosure fits easily in wiring closets or network termination boxes.

RON1526   RFoG Optical Network Unit 

Downstream Specifications (Receiver)


1550 +/-10nm

Optical Input Power 

-8 to -1dBm

Optical AGC Range

-8 to -1dBm

Optical AGC accuracy 

+/-3dB (CATV), +/-4dB (SAT-IF)

CATV RF bandwidth: 

47 to 862MHz

SAT-IF RF bandwidth: 

950 to 2602MHz 

Reference Output Level

95dBmV (OMI 7% Analog) 85dBmV (OMI 2.2% SAT-IF)

RF flatness

+/-2.5 dB CATV, +/-3.0 dB SAT-IF

RF return loss

14 dB Typical CATV, 10dB Typical SAT-IF

RF input impedance

75 Ω  

RF test point

-20 dB +/- 2.0 CATV, +/-3.0 SAT-IF ± 

Link Performance


51dB CATV, 28dB SAT-IF @-1dBm input (OMI 3.5%)







Upstream Specifications ( Optional RTN Transmitter)

Optical Wavelength

1310+/-20nm, 1610+/-10nm

RF Bandwidth 

5 to 65MHz, 10 to 50MHz

Output Power 


RF Input Level 

20 to 40dBmV

RF Input Level On/Off threshold

>10dBmV / <-4dBmV

Laser Turn On Time

Typical 1.0μs (<1.3 μs)

Laser Turn Off Time

Typical 1.2μs (<1.6 μs)

RF return loss 

14 dB Typical

Optical return loss

45 Min

General Specifications

Optical Connector


Operating Temp, °C

-20 to 55

Storage Temp, °C

-40 to 85

Power Supply 

100 to 240VAC 

Operating relative humidity, %

5 to 95

Power Consumption W


Dimensions (W x D x H)

210 x 156 x 50 mm 

Weight, kg

0.93 kg 



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