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AON2400C 4-Port 2x2 Optical Node

AON2400C Series 4 port Node is part of ACT Deep Fiber solution, which helps operators expand bandwidth of their existing HFC network while minimizing capital investment. The AON2400C 4 port node is designed with four high outputs up to 108dBuV.

    Forward path optical receiving part adopts advanced optical AGC technology, the input optical power range extended to -8 dBm to +2 dBm.

    Forward path optical receiving part: RF operating bandwidth extended to 1 GHz, each way maximum output level up to 114 dBμV.

    The attenuation and equilibrium control circuit adopts fixed inserter, and achieve remote monitoring by NMS.

    RF amplifier part adopts quick plug modular design, can quickly replace RF amplifier module without dismantling the RF cable connector.

    Built-in perfect condition monitoring circuit, and support Ethernet transponder.

    Built-in tri-state gate switch circuit in the return path. Three states passthrough, -6 dB and OFF can be remote set by network management responder.

    Reserved C-CMTS forward path and return path RF interface, support DOCSIS EOC networking scheme.




Optical Parameters

Optical AGC control range

+2 dBm to ‑8/‑7/‑6/‑5 dBm adjustable

Optical Return Loss

>45 dB

Optical Receiving Wavelength

1100 nm to 1600 nm

Optical Connector Type

FC/APC, SC/APC or specified by the user

Link Performance


≥51 dB

‑1dBm optical input, output level 108 dBμV, EQ 8 dB


≥65 dB


≥60 dB

RF Parameters

Frequency Range

54/85 MHz to 862/1003 MHz

Flatness in Band

±0.75 dB

Rated Output Level

≥108 dBµV

(when the optical AGC control range is +2 to ‑8)

Max Output Level

≥114 dBµV

(when the optical AGC control range is +2 to ‑5)

Output Return Loss

85 MHz to 550MHz: ≥16 dB

550 MHz to 1000MHz: ≥14 dB

Redundant Receiver Isolation

≥75 dB

Output Impedance

75 Ω


Optical Parameters

Optical Transmit Wavelength

1310 nm ± 10 nm, 1550 nm ± 10 nm, or specified by user

Laser Type

DFB or FP laser

Output Optical Power

1 mW

Optical Connector Type

FC/APC, SC/APC (or specified by the user)

RF Parameters

Frequency Range

5 MHz to 42 MHz (or specified by the user)

Flatness in Band

±0.75 dB

Input Level

75 dBµV to 85 dBµV

Input Return Loss

≥16 dB

Independent Transmit Isolation

≥60 dB

Input Impedance

75 Ω

NPR dynamic range

≥15 dB (NPR≥30 dB)

Use DFB laser

≥10 dB (NPR≥30 dB)

Use FP laser

RF Parameters of C‑CMTS Interface


forward path insertion port level

100 dBµV ± 2 dBµV


return path output gain

0 dB ± 1 dB


Isolation (forward path—CMTS_US return path output)

≥70 dB

General Performance

Power voltage

A: 150 VAC to 265 VAC

B: 35 VAC to 90 VAC  OR 110 VAC

Feed current through

10 A

Operating temperature

‑40 °C to +60 °C

Storage temperature

‑40 °C to +70 °C

Relative humidity

0 % to 95 % RH (non‑condensing)


≤42 VA

Dimensions (L × W × H)

460 mm × 282 mm × 175 mm


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