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FTTx solution offers superior bandwidth capacity that meet today and tomorrow services. ACT product portfolio supports both PON Point-to-Multipoint cost-effective architecture and dedicated Point-to-Point (P2P) optical networks. Utilizing passive architecture, both solutions eliminates active components in the distribution networks. Both solutions are equipped with sophisticated QoS and easy-to-use provisioning software.

As a complimentary solution to the FTTH network, ACT also offers full spectrum CATV video overlay solution which is part of ACT’s FTTx portfolio. The FTTx video distribution network is enabled by AT5000 series 1550nm laser transmission equipment, multiport EDFA amplifiers, optical passive WDM and optical splitters. The integrated WDM and Transmission options apply to both Point to Point and Point to Multipoint FTTx deployment topologies.

Individual CATV receivers with PON pass through port allows both IPTV and RF Video on Demand services to be offered along with the P2P or PON gigabit data services. ACT provides the convenience migration path for services providers to expand / upgrade their existing cable MSO infrastructure or deploy a new greenfield FTTx network.

Application Diagram

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